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Brisbane area marine aquarium club fish collecting.

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There have more trips by the club into our wonderful marine environment to get our own marine/reef aquarium species since the last club info thread, as usual.

The aandtsociety has been doing field trips for both marine and freshwater aquarium species since the late 1920s.

The club doesn’t promote the freshwater side of things anymore, the name associated with us now is (marine/reef aquarium society) we are still the domian name aandtsociety.org.au,it's just we have been mainly marine keepers for a long time now and its time to only show what we know best, keeping marine fish and inverts,plus have attained a wealth of knowledge in the collection of our marine pets.

We are lucky in that we do not have to rely on how good or how bad pro collectors have handled their catch that they sell to the shops, or the way the fish have been imported into auz,than you have to take what is available there, using careful catching and transporting ways, we get our own!

The club has only been on the net for a few years, so there isn’t much pictorial history of the vast experiences we have had the pleasure of partaking in over the years, but if you want to see our many trips beyond the few pics on our threads here, than follow this link, its where all trips are, since we started taking photos of the trips.

Marine fish and invert collecting.

These peppermint shrimp were from a low tide rock pool trip, lots around at the moment, hundreds seen, also there were millions of boxer shrimp, some blennies and gobies around, these weren’t kept, still interesting to see the different varieties though, it makes for a good day.

The day provided some quality caulerpa amongst many brilliant marine life forms to try and remember their latern names.


A Lemon peel angel, one of a few special fish collected for Marks massive tank, in particular.


A beautiful and surprisingly friendly mature pair of latezonatus amphiprions, with a young perideraion, some young akindynos and as usual a few young trimaculatus,all living with the latz.

This is one of the few anemone fish that will tolerate and live with other damsel family variaties happily,of which all clownish are a part as well.

Non of these were touched, this was on a photo trip only, but they do make for a nice group photo,lol.


One of the three sharks hanging around on the photo only day.

One of the guys insisted it was a young grey nurse, but some one else has said it isn’t, the two others checking us out that day were grey nurse though.

Personaly,it was to sleek and quick for a grey nurse, plus I am not interested in sharks, they are seen regularly by us on certain trips, not organised club trips, just members, but as long as they keep at a distance, the aquarium species are far more interesting.

Sharks are not an issue really, most are cowards, even the whites we see rarely, but this spot is renowned for sharks, there are no club collecting trips to these types of spots, this was for the ones keen for photos only.


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Beautiful Lemon Peel angel :-) Thanks for sharing, I always love your posts and miss them on MASA :-)

Two trips were put on rtaw around a year back again as a sought of, see if there are still a few tossers there type of thing, the thread was run down by a few of the biggest tossers in all these years of aquarium keeping and collecting I have been unfortunate enough to encounter and there is an enormous amount of tossers in diving and aquarium retail and whole sale industries that I have encountered over my near on 35 years connected with all marine.

We have several masa members in our club as well and they use rtaw and other forums regularly, so we hear it all!

Every thread and over time got worse as it was tried to be shot down on that site to a near on psychotic degree, in the second thread back than there were individuals saying the taking of algae was illegal, putting on links to parts of gov sites that they didn’t even understand to try and justify their tossing, so when I put on the actual name of the person in charge of this section of the DPI that governs this type of thing with the rules to this type of thing and the DPI person gave her number,gov email and links to the actual regs for all to see as I told her what was going on, shortly after that time the thread was removed I am told and if I am told right, that link to those regs is now in their wiki area, but have not seen for myself, but I don’t put anything past that lot.

Over the near on 35 years of everything ocean, you tend to have and meet all types of smart,helpful,inspiring people and sadly sometimes absolute tossers within industries.

Lets just say, not a lot of our activities will go on there, which is what the few tossers on there want.

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We don’t normally go any further from Bris than an hour and a half, the shrimp are from a low tide walk collecting trip just minutes from most of us, the other two are from an under an hour trips in the one of the guys boats.

The only exception to that is when we head up to the Bargara- seventeen seventies area, but its been two years since the last trip there, but this coming summer season may change that.

Most dive sites in the South East are described on our web page, click on the snorkelling and scuba dive spots page from our information thread

Collecting of marine species information,laws,rules and all needed planning options.

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Yup - as with a lot of things in life, sometimes its the minority that F it up for all of us.

I am also interested in joining your club.... but as a doctor, I am not sure I could commit to frequent meetings etc - esp if afternoon or sat mornings...

Where do you meet, how often etc?

Thanks, Brad.

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It’s not about collecting any more mate, we got sick of the collecting aspect of it all and more and Danny and I quite our posts.

Don’t get me wrong I still get something from time to time if need be, or for a mate and I only dive with mates now.

We will always promote what we love as in with sensible collecting on what’s now Danny’s and my forum as we represent a group of our selves and mates that love the ocean and sports there in with the domain name and tag on our photos of aandtsociety.org.au

It is impossible to sustain or regulate it the way it was going, so it has stopped as far as Danny and I am concerned.

The little we collect for our own tanks, but mainly we dive for the photographic side to it, all remains just with just us from now on.

When I turn up at a meeting now, I do not discuss or encourage collecting due to it being too hard to control others actions at the ocean in a sustainable manner.

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