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External filter with good head height

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Every Fluval I've had has clogged and flow reduced significantly...

And every review I've read about these models suggest the same...

Can anyone spread any light?

Ronny in regards to budget haven't really got a set price as of yet. Has to be quiet canisters can't be a sump as it's near the bedroom.

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Josh mate I've put a fx5 on my 5x2x2 african tank seem to be doing a good job,

-quite dont hear it a all and I'm sitting right next to it

-energy wise which is great for the power bill

-long hose on inlet/outlet

-price is good

-think it will do for ur 700mm hight

If you have the time take a drive to c Russ & team at Redlands mate there forum $$$ r great..

Haven't had a problem with it getting clogged (other peeps might same different)

And get some of those glass balls and matrix inside it she'll pump...

Cheers Steven

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When I say 700mm high tank obviously that's just the tank it'll be sitting on a stand around the meter mark... so we'll be looking at around 1.7m ish tall...

Most canisters I guess have around 2m head height...

FLuval FX5 and Eheim 2260 seem like the obvious choice I guess with head heights of 3.3 and 3.7 respectably and power consumption of 48-50W 65W Just haven't heard great things about the FX5 and the 2260 initial cost and running cost don't make it worth while..

With the dropping prices on Eheim classic what about two 2217's hmmm 2.3m head height get 2 for the price of one there abouts... combined 40w power consumption...

Any thoughts?

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Great suggestions so far in terms of cost fork out a bit more at the start and reap the benefit in the long run. By the time you replace cheaper alternatives twice you would have already saved money by doing the job right in the first place.

I learnt this lession before and why i choose two run the fx5 and the eheim pro 3 on my 6x2x700 and have done a perfect job for the last however many years.

My advice do it proper the fist time mate hope this helps your decision.

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