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fs: 2x1x15" includes stand, light, filter, air pump, gravel and some rocks

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hi all, this is an excess tank and stand that i dont need,

its 2x1x15" no leaks on an open pine stand no hood or lids. has a single 2ft fluro on top in good working order with tube, also comes with a working air pump single outlet, and an Aqua one 102f filter works well, also has a few chems like water ager etc

$50 and the lot is yours, pick up only and pics can be emailed just pm me ur email :)

edit: today i cleaned the whole tank out! no more muck, a couple of scratches i could see but still vgc! so no more rocks and cruddy gravel!

for $60 i will include an unopened bag of calc carb, big enuf to do this tank and another 2 ft

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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