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Chris G

F@*K lost a part of my internal!!

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Ok so in the water change today was cleaning my filter in tank water in a black bucket (STUPID) and without me knowing a small part of my filter must have come off and of course i threw the water out on the lawn without knowing YET.

Its just a small internal to help break the surface so nothing serious but would still like the thing going so i was wondering is there any way i can fix it. The filter is a 6001/h (Internal & External Filters - Internal Power Filters - Power Filter 600L/h - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - Power Filter 600L/h)

The part is a small black piece that covers the internal propeller, wondering if anyone uses these or has one sitting around not in use that i could snap up for a couple bucks to get the part out of OR somehow make it work without?

help please,

ps. lesson learnt, dont clean filters in a black bucket!!!!

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