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L202 Peckoltia lineola a dull little catfish - nice surprise.

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For those that know the L202 it can be considered a little dull.....Maybe not the ones I have.

Did a tank clean out to see what was in there and a nice little surprise...

Found I had 11 full grown ones in the colony and also found some that had excellent markings.

Special ones...





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nice fish, i had someone come over to buy some and he looked in another tank and asked me if they were L168,

as the markings on these fish were a striking black and yellow colour,

these guys are my favourite and they are a very good looking fish and are not shy at all

Dekeyseria brachyura • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog Image 15 • PlanetCatfish

pic is of an L168

i have some really good pics of my 202's but can not upload[format to big] i'm not a computer geek

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