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FS 8x2x700 high tank

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made of 12mm glass fully braced

it has a cracked/ leaky bottom (im not too sure) as the bottom is still fully covered in 3" of gravels and im too lazy to take em out, so you can have it with the gravels

pick up only from nundah, bring heaps of mates its heavy as.

back painted black and 2 holes drilled for sump

the rest of the tank is in good nick

going cheap at 120 bucks (incl. gravels)


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this is a bargin my mate got a 6x2x2 from this guy for 175 and it wasnt quite display quality but there 500 brand new ! if the mrs would allow me to have an 8fta id get it in a heartbeat bump for a top bloke and a nice price!

you'd be amazed at what some silicone can fix with a little plastic sheeting

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Hi mate

nice to meet you,, and thanks for the awesomely huge fish tank,, turned out to just be the back bit of silicon about an inch long,

thanks again Johnie

no probs mate, hope you'll enjoy the purchase for a long time

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