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Help! My JD's just made babies :)

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Ok so ive had my male for a few months and he was really just the hide n seek kind of guy. Beautiful colours id rarely see. I found a female at the aquaholic sale. Looked very pale and very different from mine but for $2 I couldnt pass it up! Theyve been together for around 4 weeks tops, the males twitched around her and followed her everyhwere but ive changed setups a few times so thought I ruined the chances. when I moved her she was really fat and they were only in there new home for 3 hours last night when it happened, in a little potshed swom on her side and upside down around the pot and male would follow im assuming fertilising? Theres alot of eggs too! Like 2% are white though? The rest are a light browny clear colour does that seem right to anyone?

And the females staying in the pot to guard them too!

So what should I do now? Wait for them to hatch and watch how they go? Im scared theyll get eaten.

Should I take the 5 stripe catfish I have in there out?

Help please they just took my virginity!

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You could either pull out the pot with the eggs in it and whack it in another tank just make sure theres heaps of filtration and air on it , or leave them till they hatch then move them which i reckon is better as the mother will look after them , just make sure if your moving them into another tank use the same water , so its got the same parameters and you should be rocking it . My green terrors laid eggs a few months back there was heaps like 200-300 still got 100 of them at about 1-2cm big growing crazy fast.

The egg colour is exactly what its supposed to be the white ones are dead probably from being unfertilised the mother will pick them off.

hope that helps, dont have very much experience but what info i can offer should help you about abit.

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as above but I use 1 or 3 options

1, leave them

2, move them

3, move 50% (not all the eggs in one basket sought of thing)

the parents will also feed them by crushing food and spilling it out of there gills, during this stage I use flakes that i pound into small balls and feed the male, fun to watch.

I once seperated 50% when I finalliy put the whole lot together the fry that stayed with the parents were bigger by 10 to 20%

Have fun, main thing is the fish have been doing this longer than we have, apart from food and clean water they know what to do


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