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Home made 2L internal Filter - what do you think??

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I wanted a bit of extra filtration on a tank so did a macguyver style filter with what I had laying around at home.

2L plastic container


Coarse foam

300L power head.

I drilled 10 or so 5mm holes in the bottom for intake.

What do you think?? Is it effective?

Thinking of running a few more maybe off some air.




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Did you silicon the powerhead into the lid, If not, how did you make it air tight in the join? I was going to try something like this a few months ago but ended finding a real cheap canister. Nice work but mate, Im thinking I might try find a black container to use to try hide it as much as I can.

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Nice work mate, if i can say one thing. I would reverse the sponge and matrix order. You want your mechanical filtration ie, catching the chunks of poo or food, before your bio-filtration ie your matrix. Your matrix will become clogged much faster this way.

I would put the sponge at the bottom, possibly even some filter wool before it as well. Then matrix in last. If you have one handy, throw the matrix in a media bag, will save you heaps of trouble come cleaning time.

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yea I would have put coarse foam first, then matrix in a coarse bag, then more coarse foam.

by sandwhiching the matrix between 2 layers of coarse foam ya prevent the matrix getting clogged with debris AND ya prevent a little chunk of matrix damaging a pump impellor.

but overall, excellent work!

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

No the pwerhead is not siliconed, just a nice tight fit. it might leak a little but its only a secondary filter for this tank so a little inefficiency is ok.

and it looks like some foam at the bottom seems reccomended so the matrix doesnt clog. ok, will do. I didnt originally do this as I thought the foam would clog really quickly over the intake holes. its quite a small area for all that water to flow through...still not sure.

I have an opportunity to do that very soon as I was "fine tuning" the thing this arvo and managed to crack a part on the powerhead.

Got a new one - 250L per Hr for $7 from you know where.... bunnings. It doesnt come with the greatest intake but a little "macguyvering" and she'll be sweet.

So you can do this filter for $12 not including media. I think I'll be doing a few more.

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probably get some scoria/lava rock from bunnings for a few pesos, to make a budget version of it too.

Personally I like the clear case, lets ya know how dirty it is...... but lol prob a black (or white) tube/cannister that would do the job just as well, at bunnings.

I got banned from Bunnings today. I walked in, and some idiot in a green apron asked me if I wanted decking. So I got the first punch in.

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dont worry mate I love bunnings like most of us do.

big shout out to pam and the rest of the bunnings cichlid keepers

Honeywill says Bunnings is one of the few successful retailers to create an experience rather than merely a place to shop. "People who go to Bunnings aren't just buying hardware, it's a place of respite, discovery and reflection," he says. "In fact, I'd go as far as saying Bunnings is the Virtual Shed. It's the shed every bloke wants, but no longer has. And women really like it too."

He says the mammoth size of the stores, the myriad of aisles and the confusing number of products on sale make buying hardware at Bunnings more exciting than going to a simple old hardware store. "Shopping in Bunnings is like being in a backyard shed and discovering new things - 'oh, look what I found' or 'I didn't know those things existed'," he says.

The Age Blogs: Renovation Nation

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Good thinking mate, made similar myself a while ago. The clear screw top canister is the go and you can get 'em at the Reject Shop for $2.50. I keep my food in em as well, the screw lid is a nice tight fit.

I never understood why they make powerful heads with tiny little canisters that'll only fit a bit of sponge/scourer and half a dozen bio balls at best.


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