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Anyone on Sunshine Coast got Earthworms?

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I know earthworms are everywhere but I wouldn't trust anything I pull straight out of the ground.

And I live in a unit so I can't have a compost heap.

So I was wondering if there's anyone close by who might wanna sell me a few every now and then.

If there's anyone out there who might be able to help me please pm :)


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Thanks guys, yeah I would like to know if you have to do anything to them as well?

Nope. they're in an "inert" soil comprising mainly of peat and coconut fibre. I got a 1000 from here and they were excellent compost worms, worm farm, delivered Australia wide If you want a smaller amount try here where i got smaller amounts for fishing. Both companies include freight in their prices live bait worms - freshwater bait worms supplier - retail bait worm sales in Australia

Also Landsborough Earthworms: Bob and Jenny Lewis. Ph (07) 5494 1512


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