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My New Dead Coral 2 Foot Display :)

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you realise its highly illegal to take it, and admitting to doing so, and planning to do it in future, on a PUBLIC forum, frequented by DPI personel..... is like really stupid right?

I mean do you WANT a fine?

As in a big one.

One large enough to scare the heck out of everyone else in this thread?

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yeh i just had a search on googl but could only find other forums talking about the situation also,

if anyone has a link to a fisheries or government sight regarding this it will be good for us all to read thanks,

thanks discus,

body boarding is defs fun ! :D

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Its been illegal for more than a decade.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Liverock and coral collection is controlled by extremely expensive liscences.

Any that happens outside of these regulations is discouraged by heavy fines.

I would imagine this thread has already been screenshotted.

Its as foolish as admitting to taking undersize fish, or protected species like mangroves.

If you are going to pillage thats your own risk to take, but please dont brag about it here.

It tars the rest of us with the same brush.




Anyway, what you are doing is called 'coral rubble collection'

I would call the dpi and ask them about it

Phone: 13 25 23 (cost of a local call within Queensland) or +61 7 3404 6999

8 am to 6 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

9 am to 6 pm Thursday

Email: callweb@dpi.qld.gov.au

Fax: +61 7 3404 6900

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thanks donny, i was going to google the exact same websites and post them,

seriously chappo, how many people come on here and show their coral tanks, didn't that give you some idea as to the fact that its not done, no difference then all the ones that catch a water dragon or bearded dragon, or a little snake and keep them,

most of australia's native wildlife and fauna is protected, if not totally illegal, then most have restrictions on them,

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It is Illegal to take coral from the beaches or waterways, I don't really care if you think its stupid or not, its the law, and by posting publicly saying you are doing it, it only puts more restrictions and laws on the hobby which the government will try and crack down on.

DON'T take coral from the wild, you can purchase it legally from many marine stores who are doing the right thing and legally collecting it with the correct licences.


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