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Why do we have a hybrid section?

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NO HYBREED'S ALLOWD IN LIVE STOCK TRADER link to join the hybreed trader HERE !!

New hybrid policy

Ok people,

We have brought in a few hybrid section, you cannot see it yet!

Basically we are sick of being the bad guys in relation to hybrid fish, we understand they are hear to stay and will not go away, The new section if opt-in only, you do not have to take part, and we would prefer if you didn't.

However there are two new sections, one for the discussion and one for trading.

you are NOT aloud to discuss the creation of new hybrids. However you can discuss the fish and behaviour. & Also trade in them if you wish.

Hybrids will still remain a banned topic on the rest of the forum! We will however move or delete hybrid posts if put in the wrong section incorrectly and honestly.

Understand the rules before joining, as failure to do so will result in a ban.

Now if you want to join,



Or from your profile > My Settings > Edit Usergroups to join.



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fish is adictive be carefull

I wave been thinking about this for a few days...

I understand why hybrids are bad for... well the planet really, keeping species pure and yada yada yada, there are many arguments on this and I see both sides of the fence. On this I guess we should not eat fish or keep them at all for that matter! How many red tail black sharks are left in the wild? (none! And I don't think we ate em all) And I'm pretty sure they weren't used to create flowerhorns.

Anyway that's a bit off track but why is there a hybrid section? If we can't talk about them? Does breeding habits come onto the banned discussion list? Is that behavior or creation?

Is there going to be a section for mutations? Such as EBJD.

I just don't understand why there is a section you don't want people to join or use?

Is there something I'm missing (other than brain cells)

I'm sure I will be pecked apart just for asking, but that's ok.

Cheers Mat

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some purists hate hybrids.....well all purists do hence the name :lol: grum and qldaf were gracious enough to give us a place to sell hybrids, only american cichlid ones really cause all the others are allowed on the main site peacocks,guppies,bettas etc etc (no shovel intended :lol:) and talk about them because the main forum is against it. just because they allow it here does not mean they have to openly promote it i guess and hence why it is hidden from the general populous. i joined as soon as it was made available and then the link dissapeared. liljohn_83 was good enough to repost the link that other week because i know from just talking to forumers that some were not aware this sub section existed. i guess thats why we have it, but they dont want it in the purists faces. politically correct for the most part and i dont mind being kept in the closet......but i live in hope that one day i can come outta it, not in a orientation sense......but a literal one :)

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I've read (but can't remember quite where) that there was DNA testing done that confirmed ,or at least supported very strongly , that the EBJD was in fact a hybrid. If I recall correctly , there was only a single test performed so it's not quite 100% certain but more like 98% . I'll see if I can dig up some links for it.

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