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Tankmates for Marbled Fen?

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Well they are more aggessive than oscars.... but less than red devils.

The marbled ones seem a bit more chilled than the normal fenestrata

realisticly we need to know how big ya tank is AND how many fennys ya got in there.

the more ya have, and the larger the tank..... the more options ya have for tankmates.

Not much I'd risk in a small tank with a single large fenny

they may be chilled compared to most veja

but they can still brawl with the best of them in a cage fight situation

things I have had good results housing with them....... texas, snooks, jags, dovii, red terror, green terror, plecos, silver sharks (big)

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I've got a pair in a 4x2x2..................they're less than 2 yr old and they make the tank look small. I've also got one in the 8x2x2 display with a festae, jag, dovii, cuban and green terror and he's the only one without a mark on him. He doesn't scrap but fronts up and they back off. The only one he runs from is the cuban but the cuban breathes a siggh of releief that he doesn't have to follow :egrin:

They are a Vieja after all so the potential for aggro is there, but as DFF says, the marbles seem to have a bit of bad temperament bred out of 'em.


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Thanks guys, tank is 8x3 on sump.It's my display tank so all fish are males, and I'd only get one fen if I decide to go with them..other fish are cuban, oscar, saum,sev,con, large pictus, plec and buenos aires tetras. Lots of branchy wood. The tetras are expendable and live in daily terror, but somehow haven't been caught yet.

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lol ya

buenos tetra are some tough customers tho

One fish I'd be watching would be the sev.

prob ok, but kinda similar shape

likely to come of worse if it came down to it

but in an epic 8x3 it should be fine

Debree420 has a similar setup and dam the fennys look wicked in it

big fish lol

Its dam hard to sex marbled fennys hey

I mean it looks easy

theres ones that are obvious males

but yea, half the time they start laying eggs on ya lol

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Cheers. Might give it a shot, and if not..there will be a cheap marbled fen on the trader. Funnily enough nothing in the tank ever messes with the sev, it's like the ralph wiggum of the group..everyone could beat it up, but why bother? Hangs out front centre with the oscar all day.

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