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Hey everyone,

Im starting to set up my first marine tank, A 4x2x2, now i'm going to be picking 2 of these this weekend, and i wanna find out how good they are.

Lighting - LED Lights & Moon Lights - Weipro LED Lights - 120CM H LED Light Fitting 14K - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - LED light, 120cm long including fully adjustable brackets & transformer

So what do you guys think of them? any one used them before? how do corals do under them?



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I was thinking T5 cause there cheaper, but how offtened would i need to change the bulbs? I was looking at this too

Metal Halide Lights and Accessories - Metal Halide Light Fittings With Internal Control Gear - 250W Aquarium Metal Halide 1250 Long With Internal Cooling - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - 150W New Aquarium Metal Halide 1250 Long With 10000K

How do you think they would go?



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im gonna say no to LEDS

corals require high intensity lighting,

leds are not high intensity lighting, basically all the light it emits will deminish over a shorter distance than a high intensity(HO) light source (the HO light will be able to penatrate deeper into the tank than a normal light)

a combination of HO lights such as metal halides and T5HO fluruoscent lamps will be a better choice in the long run.

hope this helps


BTW if you or anyone needs a hand sourcing light fittings send me a pm and i can see what i can do,

im an electrician so i generally can get them a cheaper through my wholesaler.

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ive run hi output leds on my marine setup and have had good growth from my sps and lps as well as clams and acros you just have to by the right units

my suggestion would be to have a look at probably 2 120w units from AMDbulbs - Products

he is in sydney and sells to quite a few reefers on masa his user name is itzmatty he also sells the 120w units with 3w cree bulbs which will give more punch at tanks over 2ft deep

and are better quality bulbs otherwise the 120w units run 119 1w leds and have worked well for me i got mine with a timer to simulate sunrise and sunset between white and blue leds he also gives a 2year warranty

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hoppa! good job! You honestly posted the best advice for the original poster; LEDS are the way ;)

Minimal heat output.

Long lasting bulbs- 50,000 hours or something.

Colour choice - 2:1 or 1:1 Blue:White or whatever you want.

Less power usage.


I would also suggest 2 x 120W Led units, probably 1:1 White:Blue to make your corals "pop" and your chiller run less.

Im on my 3rd marine setup and have kept sps, lps, softies etc. Havent tried clams yet though, i will when im over my angelfish obsession ;)

Best of luck :)


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