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Strange Bedfellows!

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Had to show you guys this.....i have no idea if this kind of thing is normal but i find it amusing lol....totally love my yoyo's

I have a community tank and there's all sorts of fish in there including some yoyo loaches and bristlenoses......and for months i have had the yoyo's and the BN's shacking up in various places.......i have a longfin and a yoyo canoodling in a log....which i couldnt get a pic of sorry.....but i also have a yoyo who spends most of his/her time wedged in a piece of driftwood which has this little loop the yoyo seems to use as a seatbelt....and oddly a BN sits on its head......theyre like this most of the day........sorry for pic quality i had to use the flash to get it but you get the idea lol

you can see the loop in the wood....hope he doesnt get stuck one day lol


here you can just see the BN at the top, upside down, on the yoyo's head lol


they just really dont seem to mind each other......very strange....but cute aswell :D

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