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Hey everyone just saying hello im new to the aquarium life been wanting to build one for a few years now but havent had the time and space.

A few weeks ago I bought myself a red tailed shark which got me back into starting up but I impolse bought instead of researching I told the pet store I was just placing him in a large glass bowl later that night I noticed him jumping nearly clearing the bowl also was looking alot duller in colour so I transfered him to my brothers tank. He seems alot happier colour is all back but hes killed 4 fish so I feel bad about that so im going to set my own tank up for him and do more research before I buy more.

So yea just saying hey and hopefully talk to you guys to get some inf

.thanks shane

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welcome shane :)

Its very easy to get into those situations when you first start out......generic pet stores will sell you anything lol.......well done for joining the forum, dont be afraid to ask questions as there are tons of very very experienced fish keepers here, and plenty of aquarium stores they can recommend for you that are less likely to sell you something you are not prepared for.......also make sure you research about setting up a new tank because theres a few vitally important steps you have to take if you werent already aware :)

goodluck with your future tanks and fish collections <3


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G'day mate,

Welcome to QLDAF. Hope you get as much enjoyment and knowledge out of this site as I do. There is always one of our many experienced and knowledgeable members who can answer any of your questions. Oh yeah and, just for the record I made the very same mistake with a rainbow shark as you did when I first started too :lol:



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Gday Shane,

Great to have you aboard mate and there has been some great advice given already and all I would add is that you should check out or trader section for some tanks and other dry goods that you will need to set up your tropical tank.

I hope you keep us posted on what you do and maybe a tank build.



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