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substrate or not for breeding bristlenose?

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Hi just done a huge clean on my bristlenose breeding tanks getting rid of snails emptied tanks and boiled everything logs wood and gravel.

I would like to know do you use substrate or not with your bristlnose catfish or do you have a bare bottom tank?

Just thinking it would be easier to keep clean with no substrate

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i dont use anyhing in my bristlenoses they poo too much and yeh,

but my africans all have substrate depends if you want your tank to look nice as well as breed as is what i have and am doing,

trying to make them all display breeder tanks :).

that way your fishies are happier too :D

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G'day mate,

To have substrate or not to have substrate is a personal choice and both have there sides of for and against, For me personaly I have been breeding B/Ns for a long time and in that time I have had both clean and substrated tanks. I personaly love having substrate as it is more natural and I still have not found one expert document that clean base breeding /keeping is in any way benificial for any fish!! As every bit of litriture on keeping fish healthy and happy always stipulates that substrate is best.

To break it down in another way...

Clean tanks still need to be syphoned (if not more regulerly than substrated)

Substrated tanks still need to be cleaned too so with both forms of keeping work is still needed to be done to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.



Lets us know what you decide and also the outcome.

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