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as ive walked into petshops ive seen frontosa tanks. They look AMAZING. all i know is there african cichlids so could you guys please answer a few questions for me!

can you mix different types of frontosa eg kigoma and burundi and f1s and all that jaz??

what ph do they require? being african i have no idea i keep americans and natives.

what tankmates do you have with your fronnies :D?

and would i be able to set my 4ft up as a fronny tank(6-7fronnies)?? and if i got over my american tank(6x2x2) would it be big enough to keep lots of fronnies (15fronnies and other little africans) ?

thank you :D all answers are greatly appreciated

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Great choice mate! I keep fronnies my favorite fish!

They like a high ph round the 7.9 to 8.2

Cal carb is a good way to get the ph up naturally. Add a bit of crushed corel to your cannister or sump to give it that little

more boost!

Depending on the size of Frontosa for example I kept 5 adults in a 4x2x2 I found that to be crowded. I got a about 15 now in a 6x2x2 and they are happy as! Also I don't see why you can't mix different breeds, unless your going to try and breed them then keep them with ther own kind.

Last but not least I prefer to keep them mostly with other tangs. Malawis tend to be more skittish and keep Frontosas in hiding! Calvus, brichardi, comps, trophius would be your best bet at keeping with them.

Hopefully other forum members can give you some more knowledge.

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never kept frontosa myself but yes high pH between 8-9

bigger the better tank

i suppose you could mix different variants but then what's the point... it's better that you don't

tank mates, i've heard that malawis are good because they bring frontosa out more rather than them being sluggish and scared

but calvus, comps, kendalli, leleupi... definitely not brichardi, tropheus or some other certain fish

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Yeah dito to what Shon said. The bigger the tank the better for these guys as big males get over 30cm. I recommend at least a 6x2x2 for any mature fronnies.

I have the odd malawi in with mine just to clean up some excess food the fronts miss. In one tank i have a couple of electric yellows, in the others i have a few peacocks. And also some bristlenose catties in all tanks.

I buffer the water around 8.5 as most of mine are Wild Caught. But for tank bred fronnies your probably fine with high 7's - low 8's.

I wouldnt recommend mixing differnet sorts because if they breed you will probably want to sell the fry and if you have mixed fronts you risk having hybrid fry.

Good sources of info.

Australian Frontosa Keepers

Frontosa.com • Index page


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the fish i mention i kept with frontosa. im talkin from past exp. but you know im probably wrong. with all the cocky dicks in this hobby. disregard my information i gave you.

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