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Split 3 Foot breeding setup.

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Hey guys just set this up as my JD's started breeding and I purchased a peppermint bristlenose breeding trio off "vegasmick" So hopefully they start breeding soon.

The tanks 90x37x45 LWH Halved with a glass divider

I have 2 big sponge filters

1 Eheim 2213. inlets on the JD side and the return spray bar on the Pepp side so theres a bit of a return flow and because theres a small gap at the bottom and side of the divider the water circulates pretty well

Older style jager heater

2foot aquaone light

Piece of driftwood either side

Terrecotta pot for JD's

2 logs for the Pepps.

Full view


Pepp side


JD's in there pot


Sorry about the quality of the pics.

Enjoy :)

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It would appear luck is on my side corbii. Ive had the pepps since last sunday and one of the females has just layed Within the last hour :) so hopefully the male keeps up his end of the deal!

Very exciting stuff and I dont think ill sleep tonight, I cant stop thinking about it and how I hope nothing goes wrong.

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I think I got a good deal on the trio from vegasmick. 2 were in the log at once around the time they were layed so I hope that was the male fertelising. I wouldnt think 2 females would be in such a confined breeding log while one was laying. But the male isnt in there so maybe the deeds done and the females fanning? :s

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