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ok heres the deal, im selling all my tanks except a display, im moving in a few weeks....

i have got buyers for most of the tanks and the tanks and stands only.

So i have alot of stuff i have collected and bought over the couple of years to sell off....

i have heaps of heaters lots of sizes most work theres only one i know that might have problems rest worked at the time i took them out of tanks...a couple are only a month old ..all 5$ each....

theres a few more than in the photo.....(still in tanks for a couple more days)


Airpumps- lots of sizes etc. singles 5$ each double pumps 10$ each, the 4 outlet pump is $40 [only 8 weeks old, just needs the dust wiped off it cost 80 ] most are perfect only a one or two of singles are a bit dodgy as is one of the doubles.... not all are in pic...


Sponge filters- 10 of the ones shown in pic..2 of other types.Great for breeding some only 8 weeks old.

6$ each.. the lot for $55


Filters and powerheads- the aqua one grey one works perfect $20 the rest 5$ each most are fine except for the one without a base .. 2$ for that one. + 1 1800lph internal filter powerhead $20 works perefect (not in pic)


rocks,pipes,bell,caves- Massive bell like 30cm tall 30 wide $20 cost 80 new..., wamaru rock (browinsh rock) the lot for $30.

the pipes the lot for $8, the pots + 1 other large one not in pic the lot for $2, + i have heaps of white sandstone here too come and get it for a very cheap price.... Image004.jpg

Box of tubing (brand new 20m-30m+, +20ish m used... airstones and all other bits and pieces... but you have to take the lot for $15


3ft dual bulb t5 High output light comes with 10,000k bulbs $40 (i think its 86 watts all up

2ft dualbulb t5 high output light comes with 10,000k bulbs $40 i think its 48 watts all up

(silver slimline lights fits under hoods with watersafe covered switch)

1 700lph aqua one cannister $30

1 jebao 1200 lph cannister $30

two cannisters for $50

+ 2 1000lph hang one jebo filters

1 works perfect the other ones a bit dodgy

the both for $30

+ 2 400lph viapet (or aquaworld?) internal filters the both for $15

call 0422 509 084 or pm me.....

also i have a few smaller tanks 3 18x15x15" tanks

2 or 3 15x10x10" tanks

1 18x10x10" tank all these tanks for $50 nice little breeding tanks...

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Beware of Connor as no show.

It was disgraceful that now 5 hours later I'm still not contacted or responded to.

I had an arrangement with Tropheus21 to buy many of his items...was even paying $20 extra for delivery half way as he's up Sunshine and I'm down Gold Coast.

I drive 1.5 hours to work for the pickup (COST $20 petrol). I pay $10 parking fee.

I get a phone call at 1.30pm to say he's heading there and is 30mins away.

I had been vomitting at work all day (and only stayed around and drove in for this purchase)....so I tell the boss I'm leaving early due to illness.

I go to the carpark arranged and wait. 30min passes and I sms, no response. 10min later I try to call, phone is engaged, so leave msg. 30min later thinking he's caught in traffic, I sms and call several times, but going straight to voice mail. At 1.5hours past when we were to meet I'm getting annoyed and I ring to find the phone unanswered. Because it doesn't go straight to voice mail but rings for a while every time....I'm guessing it was being ignored.

After more than 2 hours waiting, I left and went home empty handed.

The whole experience makes me very angry because I wasted a lot of money between my wages and the effort to meet him. I'm hundreds out of pocket and I have nothing to account for it.

I definitely DO NOT ever recommend dealing with someone who has no decency to call and say they are late (I would have returned to work until necessary) or can't get there due to who knows. But to be silent....well colourful language is the only description in my mind right now!

CONNOR....Shame on you.

Short of being in hospital from an accident (which your phone usage and ring out doesn't really gel)....you are one of those ppl that makes those who have goodfaith in others destroyed overnight. I am just grateful that the rest of the ppl I have meet in this forum have been of good integrity.

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you wont have to worry about him soon he is out of the fish game

but to let eveyone know i just got from him his "BREEDING" yellow colony that he said was "7 To 8 cm" of dougs stock and his filters and heaters

he offered to drop of at my place which i thought was nice of him

i paid for all the filters 12 got 7 Plus 2 incomplete and 2 bits of filters

payed for 3 heaters only got 2

and the yellows were 4cm biggest 5cm defiantly not breeders can see why he offered to drop them off and not pick up there would have been know way i would have brought them

he was in constant contact until the sale than as soon as the transaction complete off the radar?

he knows i'm not happy

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i know where he lives nigel, if u wanna go pay a visit ?

Let us now, he done the same thing to me once, said they had a redfins kandangas 1m/4f drop them off didnt even look at them cause i knew what they were, after letting them settle in the bucket, there was 4m/1f lol i was pissed off swap him 10 5-6 cm demasonis for them :( wasnt happy, just thought it was a honest mistake seems his done it afew times.

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He was online on his alternate account last night at 8pm with no response. As a moderator I'd like to know what's happened and if any contact has been made since as this is behaviour that we obviously condone here on the forums.

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can we know hes alternative account

this is getting ridiculous but im glad people are speaking out in a positive manner and this allows all memebers a chance to make up their minds about some of these people. Its often difficult when one person had had a bad deal while there are many who have had no problems.

This really is the idea of a forum a chance to discuss and protect people.

I hope the moderators look closely at this sort of thing and reach a fair conclusion

BTW i thought we werent allowed to have two names


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I think you will find he has 2 other names atleast.

I cannot remember either of them unfortunately atm but he caused plenty of trouble in the chat room here many months ago so then the tropheus21 name was born.

He also caused a lot of trouble under his old names on Petlink months ago.

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Can those who have had trouble with him please shoot me a PM. If you've already explained it feel free to copy/paste it into the PM.

I'll sort this mess out, I have his complete contact details. If he refuses to get back to me all accounts of his that I know will be closed and we'll be implemented new controls over people with multiple usernames, at least those wishing to use the trading section.



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Ok Guys

Talk about this in the thread in General Discussion

He has access to 2 Accounts as his Mum has an account as well

This is allowed as in a few members who live at the same house

They are Spdownes and Tropheus21

As japes said PM a Mod about your adventures with him

Anyone of us that are around

Id suggest not Grum or Frenchy or George and U might get a response lol


This is Locked please leave it this way Mods

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