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caboolture auction 6th sept

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Got hold of native fish to bring to the Auction!!! :)

So some of the fish that will be at the auction.

Riffle shrimp,

Gilbert grunters,

Mangrove jacks,

Yellow eel tail catfish,

Assorted rare snails,

Harvey Creek Blue eyes,

Coal Grunter,

Roman Nose Gobies.


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I'll be there. If I get time I'll bag up the following:

1 large male Protomelas sp. "Fire Blue"

1 large Clown Loach (sex unknown).

1 male Elongatus Mpanga 5-6cm

and maybe a couple of bags of my Electric Yellow juvies. I might have a spare E.yellow breeding male too, will check tonight.


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Nice picks of the snails Tutters187, did you take them?

Are they natives?

Sounds like the Auction was a success


Hey C

I think the auction was a good night, even though i missed the first 2 hours of it as i was helping make the food in the canteen, i missed my own lot being sold but i had a good night for the most part :grin:

No i didn't take them i got them from my post on ausaqua forum "WTB rare snails"

I'm pretty sure Jodi took the pics because i got my snails from her a while back.

- original pic on thread Neritina Pulligera

- new pic on thread Thiara Amarula

They are supposed to be a Cairns snail but i reckon they originate from Asia.



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