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New born Alto sp. what to feed them?

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Hey guys, i discovered today that my gold head compressiceps have fry :happy:

My juvie comps are breeding at 3 - 3.5cm :lol:

A mate of mine said the fry are too small to eat microworm??? :esup:

I find microworm great for my malawi's, will they eat frozen baby brine or does it have to be live?

And also does anyone know if they will eat sera micron?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :woohoo:

Thanks Stace

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Hey, thanks for info Frenchy.

I have them in a 1ft with a sponge filter, i did a partial water change yesterday, just by removing a few litres of water with a cup and replacing it with their parents water.

They seem to be swimming around fine and know when it's food time and growing ok, but very slowly :lol:

I have a few large mystery snail shells, which they don't seem to use yet and the shell they were laid in from the parents tank, i have sand substrate and a few pieces of lava rock.

I have a calvus pair that have bred once before but i didn't remove fry from tank and they dissappeared over a couple days and wasn't sure if calvus had eaten them or if i over fed microworm :worm:

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I counted approx 40 fry today, maybe more.

They are going great and love there worms, sera micron and baby brine.

Hopefully the parents will breed again soon, after i sell a few fish off at the auction and they get a species tank for themselves.

Thanks for your help Frenchy, you'll have to check em out 1 day!!!


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Hey guys,

I moved the comp fry to a 1.5 foot today as they were out growing their old tank, i counted them as i moved them and there are 37 fry :woohoo:

and still very cute, don't know if they're still going to like me after the move today tho LOL, but will find out in a minute when i feed them :grin:

I also moved my 7, 3 - 4cm parent comps into their own 3 foot a few weeks ago, they are just starting to settle in... very shy fish. Maybe breeding again as 1 stays around the shell alot.

Can anyone tell me if i should give them each their own shell, or only put a few in for breeding? I got some XL hermit crab shells for them and was going to give them 1 each???? plus tank is rocked out with lava rock and large oyster shell/rock.



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