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G'day folks,

Well I've just finished setting up my new 3 tier rack I built and thought I'd share a few pics and how I made it. Its really quite simple to do :egrin:

Start off by making three of these:


Then with the base on the ground attach the lower vertical supports ensuring they are square, then the first shelf and the upper supports:


Then add the next lot of supports and the top shelf:


Nail some ply to the tops, slap on a bit of stain, throw on a few tanks, add some :fish::fish::fish: and your done:


All up I'd say this would take about 2-3 full days including sanding and staining if you have all the materials ready to go (took me longer cos I did it bit by bit).

The occupants:

The bottom and middle tanks are 3'x20"x15" and the top is 2'x15"x15" (this will be replaced by another 3' eventually). The 2' has my pair of Brevis, the bottom is a growout for the swarms of fry they are producing (you can't see many in this pic but there is about 70 in there and another batch with the parents):


And the middle tank houses my latest additions... M.msobo "magunga" and Lab. Joanjohnsonae juvies:




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very nice mate

if you dont mind me asking how much it cost to build


Not at all... ended up at about $170-$180 for the materials... timber, ply, fixings and stain. The stain cost me $40 though so that could be done a lot cheaper (I had to match it to the rest of the furniture since its in the living room :roll: boss' request :egrin: )

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Nah sorry mate they're the only pics I took. It was a bit of a rush job towards the end cos I had fish coming that I needed the tanks for.

That article is what I based mine on. If I did another one I would probably do it like in the article as it would look much neater with the full face at the front. Mine doesn't look too bad though because its stained quite dark. Another thing would be to get furniture grade pine (I just used structural) as its finished much neater.

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