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Enantiopus melanogenys 2nd and 3rd mouthfull

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just stripped the two girls first one had a huge mouthfull of maybe 30 fry and the second had maybe 12 eggs with tails

just a couple of questions

for tang fish these fry are tiny and so are the number of fry considering the size of the fish is this normal

and just how rare are these guys I bought mine off ziggy and havent seen any around


ps if your interested in fry let me know theyre a long way off but im curious to see if should continue breeding or sell the parents

I know these guys are expensive hopefully i can sell at a reasonable price

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...onya Pete...

you will have no probs selling the fry, more so if you can ship to WA and our mexican cousins :ewink:

One thing I have found with Tangs... a lot more folk are moving camp over to them, smaller tanks...less aggression... most fry can be left with the parents for a while... :fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:


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