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i have a pink giant gourami that is about 13cm, it is staying on the very top surface of the water, and putting its head out of the watre and blowing bubbles out of its gills, also lolling around lazily, in corners. Just want to knwo if this is normal for gg's. very worries as this is 200buks worth of fish.

regards miles

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This is not normal at all.

What other symptoms is this fish suffering from?

From wat you have told me,

Your GG, could be infected with gill flukes.

A parasite living in the gills making the fish hard to breathe.

I suggest you get some meds specialising in this.Praziquantel, and formalin are both good for treating this.

Formalin was better for me when my fish had this.

Of course water changes and salt is also helpful in keeping fish healthy.

I also use seachem's stressguard, which helps promote a healthy slime coat on the fish and does promote healing when a fish is sick.

Good luck splendita


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