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Hey guys

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on breeding geos (altifrons) in general. I have

1 x Dominant male 18cm

1 x Larger Female 14cm

1 x Smaller Female 12cm

1 x unkown sex but think its male 14cm.

They are all in 4 x 2 x 2. PH is 6.5. Theres a fair bit of random drift wood one with anubius on it. a couple of rocks and a 20cm square piece of slate.

I am using white sand substrate.

Filtration is a 2217 ehiem with spray bar and a small sponge filter.

Food is 2.5mm Sinking Pellets and blood worms

The larger female seems to be cleaning this particular area (Piece of driftwood and rock) a fair bit. The female seems to be doing alot of dancing and tail thrashing when larger male is around but nothing seems to happen. If it does look like somethings gonna happen its stopped by one of the other 2 fish swimming too close to them then they are chased off, by the female. Also her vent is down, but so it the other females vent.

The female seem very territorial of this particular spot.

Is there anything i can do to help the process or is it very hit n miss?



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yer ok mate watch out for my geos photos page ill post one now. usually you have to vent sex them which can be very hard lol unnless you know what your looking for. im pretty sure u cant sex them by shape and fins alone....

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