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how many breeds of fronnys ???

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Hi Rhonda,

You can use the below link to see a description of the various types of frontosa available in Lake Tanganyika :


Until around 18 months ago, we were not allowed to import any frontosa at all into Australia, and all that were commonly available were Burundi 6 bar frontosa that were becoming increasingly inbred, the Kigoma 7 bar frontosa which were less common and more expensive than the 6 bar, and the occasional "smuggled" imports which were extremely expensive.

Around 18 months ago, the import rules were relaxed and we are now allowed to import any frontosa sized 12cm or over. This means any of the varieties you will see on the above link can be imported into Australia subject to their availability, and many of them now are. They are still quite expensive at between $300 to $500 each for 12cm plus fish. They can be imported as "wild caught" fish direct from the lake, as "German tank bred", or from tank breeders in Asia. The wild caught and German bred fish are the more expensive and usually of better quality.

It is hard to say exactly which varieties are currently available in Australia and you need to monitor forums like this one and other interstate ones to stay aware of what is currently being kept and bred and their relative availabilities and price. I purchased a colony of wild caught "Ikola Blue Lightning" last year and am now selling F1 fry from this colony, and I know of other breeders in Australia who are offering F1 fry from wild caught "Zaire Blue Moba" frontosa. You can expect to pay $100.00 plus each for F1 fry from these wild caught fish. Since the new varieties started coming in legally, the price from breeders for the more common 6 bar and 7 bar frontosa seems to have dropped a little and you will now pay $10.00 - $20.00 each for 6 bar fry and around $30.00 for 7 bar fry from breeders. Some breeders have also used the relaxed inport rules to obtain new 6 bar and 7 bar breeding stock from wild caught and German tankbred imports to improve their strains of these fish also.

All the frontosa variants are beautiful fish and each has their own unique qualities and fans. The variety and quality of frontosa available in Australia can only get better from here. Hope this helps with your question.

Cheers, Doug

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