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6ft by 2ft - 550 litres - where to start?

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I am new to this forum after been reading it for a while and researching the net.

Ever since I was little my family have had aquariums and I absolutely love it.

Me and my husband have been lucky and got ahold of a 6ft by 2ft aquarium for nothing, but think it might need to be re siliconed. Is this something we should do ourselves or get a glass person to do?

I am not even sure where to start. We both want something not to difficult to take care of but clean and colourful. With such a large tank, what fishes suits best together?

I appreciate all tips and hints.

Thank you so much.


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Hi Yerbury, welcome to the forum.

Re-siliconing a 6ft tank is prolly not something you should do yourself, unless you or hubby are pretty handy and "savy" with glass stuff, if not, get a glass person to do it.

Stocking is a personal thing, just work out what ya want, ie, natives, americans, africans, etc. Then do ya research to see what species look good / work together.


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if you want colour go for 6 clown loaches(they have tiger stripes) get them at about 8-10cm 4 pakis(spotty and grey) 8-10cm

then a pair or trio of green severums(any size) and 2-4 gold severums(same size as green) chuck in a little bristlenose catfish and thats a good start i think clean pretty colourful takes care of its self

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