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Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum but no stranger to fish keeping, I currently have 8 fishtanks in my sleeping quarters, 2 of which are my own, 1 little all in one tank which consists of Gary the fighter, 6 cherry shrimp & 5 red/orange plattys, the other a hexagonal tank, which is under construction, I don't exactly know what i'm doing with that, so far i'm set on tropical & heavily planted.

The other tanks consist of:

7 foot- 4 peacock bass, 1 albino pleco.

4 foot - 2xBarra, 2xArchers, 2xtandunus, 2 orange spot Bn, & 2 Marble shortfin bn's.

3 foot- assorted guppys/endlers, Swordtails, Gold spot pleco, Sailfin pleco, empire gudgeons.

1 foot cube- Peppermint bn fry & cherry shrimp.

2 foot- Peppermint Bn breeding trio & fry.

This hobbie I must say took over us quite quickly as we did start off with a little fighter bowl only 4 or so months ago, but hey I wouldn't change a thing. :)

Well, there you go. I'll be sure to upload some pictures of my progress & keep you updated.

If anyone has any interest in 3 foot Marine set-up, I have an ad in the Dry goods section.

Cheers, Samantha :)

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Guest Kamfa

Let me be the first to say welcome to the greatest forum!!! its great to see another member that enjoys the larger fish (i hope :P) as in peacock bass :D

i hope you enjoy your time on the forum:D


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