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FS 15 Tanks (Bulk Buy)

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Hey guys and girls.

As the thread title states I have 15 tanks/ with 5 Steel stands up for grabs, it is a complete set up with holes dripped for all your sumping needs. ( Holes have been patched up but not to hard to remove covers and go from there )

All tanks are painted sky blue along the back and sides ( due to most being for breeding )

Tank Sizes;

1 x 2100x600x500

3 x 1500x600x500

4 x 1200x600x500

1 x 1200x600x600

1 x 1200x600x460

5 x 600x500x500

The tank are all in good condition a couple will need a clean out of little bits of gravel in bottom but that will be gone for the buyer on pick up.

All tanks also have lids, and all are good condition too.

If you would like to view tanks please let me know ( selling on behalf of a friend, who does not want to deal with it all )

Tanks are located at Caboolture, and you will need some hands to help move them and obviously a small truck would be good too.

Sorry bout not being able to post pictures up (on iphone ) but if you are interested please pm me or call/text me on 0421888079 and I will send pictures through to your phone or email.

Like I previously said it is a bundle package so no tanks will be sold by themselves.

All he is asking for is between $3750- $4000 nothing lower as he has spent slot more on these tanks then what he is asking.

Thanks for reading


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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