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lfs what the hell

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so on the way home today i went to a pet shop just to have a look wasnt expecting much but got in there and it had a great range of rainbow so i was happy.

looking at the fish looking and i am picky with my fish and i saw white spot in and on the fish so i looked at another tank and another one with natives in it and to my suprize they all had it.... thought to my self i betta tell the guy working there so no one buys them.

walk to the counter and say to him mate few of yeah tanks have white spot in them i was goign to get some fish but not now just thought i let u know.. so i showed him the tanks and pointed out the fish..

to my suprize the bloke lood at me and said nar mate thats just air bubbles on the fish we dont have white spot in our tanks...

so i shut my mouth and kept looking thinking ok maybe i am wrong and it is air bubbles looking looking and looking NOPE THERE NOT GOING AWAY.. so i went back to him and said i been looking at them for sometime now and its NOT AIR on them bud u have white spot in the tanks...

was then told what would you know mate i work in a pet shop all day long and i know what white spot is and we dont have any...

with that remark i put all the things i was goin to get down on the counter and walked out of the shop

now i wasnt trying to be a smart ass about it but someone who doesnt know much about fish is goign to get them and put them right into there tank infecting there other fish and wonder why all there fish are dead...

just thought i would get it of my chest

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that is terrible - I have done a similar thing at LFS and told them and they have been grateful. that is why it is important to inspect any fish we intend to buy for a long time in the tank - and its occupants and surrounding tanks too (in case they are on a system) - and if you have the facilities to quarantine at home. What a horrible experience you had, I would not go there again either.

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Ive also had this this problem on the Gold Coast- quite a few shops with white spot break outs and heaps of dead fish.

Now i know a floater here and there is normal in pet shops/ aquariums- but when there more like floating balls of fungus than fish i wonder how often they check there tanks and do they care at all.

Surprisingly quite a few staff simply dont care and thats just not good enough.

Southport Aquarium and petland excluded- there always on to it!

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