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ok so i got home today after a week of being at my girlfriends (parents fed my fish)

and its HORRIBLE all cloudy brownish water i have no idea what the hell is oging on problem is im only home for an hour and a half so im doing a 75% wc gonna top up then neutralise and ph rararar

fluval was cleaned 2 weeks ago

ill be running my internal till friday when i get home(i stay at gfs for work as its closer and her parents and i talk about fish and get along better then me and my own family)

so friday night when i get back ill do the filter(fx5) and the internal but what else can i do saturday to ensure all my fish are safe

i have no idea how it got so dirty i only have 2 plecos a saratoga and a firemouth and a sgt

hints tips ideas all greatly appreciated

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