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Pros and Cons of dividing a tank vs. individual tanks

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Okay basically my setup is 3 tiers

First level is on the ground with a sump which is 4x3x20, there will be a 4x3x2 going beside it

Next tier is two 4x3x20 tanks

Then top level I'm thinking either two 4x3x2 tanks or one long 8x3x2 and divide it with black acrylic or something

Any pros and cons you guys can think of with having two individual tanks vs. one long tank

Pros: For individual tanks is that I can buy one tank at a time and setup them up, fill them with fish then buy the next tank when I have enough money again etc.

Easier to move

Cons: Might end up costing more than buying just one big tank initially

Pros: For one big tank, can always remove divider incase I need to house something bigger

Cons: Harder to move, initial cost is larger

Edit: so sort of the pros of one are the cons of the other

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hey shon,

I'd deffs go a divided tank, pretty much every tank i'm keeping is divided up and with holes in the divider, its eaiser imo cause you can have them all on the same filtration system + you can have the adults in one section, and put the fry in another without having to worry about different water chem. for the fry.

btw I have a few sections of acrylic you can have for free, not the best condition mind you, but fine for dividing stuff (does need to be cut to size though)


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nw :)

oh divided tanks are also great cause you can have different substrate in each section if you need to (i've got a 6ft with one section bare for fry, two sections with gravel for adult bnose and one section sand for lethrinops)

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I have my 3x3x2 and 8x3x2. the 8fter we could barely lift it up a few ft let alone as high as i originally wanted. ended up cutting the stand down to bout 1ft. 3x3 was heavy as too and no way in hell one could go on the top tier of anything. Both are brilliant tanks though 3ft deep is blissful nomatter what the length.

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