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mark andrews

5 foot tank on antique style cabinet and also have adult umbess and juvies to sell

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eoi umbee pair with juvies approx 50-80

eoi i have an adult breeding pair of umbees with fry,male approx 22cm female approx 15cm,ready to breed again now,except are still in tank with50-80 juvies,[approx 2-3cm] would be interested in trading for peacock bass,or the right $ offer,pm offers only please,also be interested in trading for female motoro ray.Also selling my 5 footer tank with hood,stained to match on old antique style cabinet,all with doors to hide/enclose all tank wires and fittings for presentation,sides and back have black contact on them,tank measurements are 5ft l x20h x 18d cabinet is nicely venerred on front,no cracks/leaks ever, please pm with your email and i will send though pictures of tank running at present,comes with 2 heaters a power head and a few other item i cant think of,no gravel or canister filter,pick up only,EOI please nice presentation piece

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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