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T5 Light globes

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OK so have the guppies T5 HO light arrived - has 2 x 3 foot 14,000k lights and 2 x 3 foot actinic lights.

So researched and found out that planted tanks (such as mine) prefer 6500k lights, so shall replace the 14,000k lights with those. Was going to buy the 10,000k lights to replace the blue actinic lights but LFS says that the tank will not look as good with 4 x white lights in it as the blue makes it crisper????????? He feels the white lights will look more like T8 lights?????

I have read so many times that in a freshwater planted tank actinic lights make algae grow - which is what i dont want. So do others with planted freshwater tanks replace the acintic lights too?

New tank is 6 x 20 x 18 - freshwater planted.

so opinions please?????????

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