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Super Green Texas X King Kong Parrot

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Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago the kkp laid, male sgt did his job... and here are the fry atm, plenty to go round :P

Dad -

269487_239347106077255_100000059031187_1032267_331  6063_n.jpg

Mum -

261523_244221395589826_100000059031187_1058283_388  1891_n.jpg

Batch -


Fry -

The fry are in a 3 1/3ft x 2ft x 2ft tank atm.

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wow what a huge spawn put me down for 10 please :)

i have 2nd gen spawn at the moment ( 2nd gen dad 1st gen mum) and a spawn from a red tex male and green terrer female only got 6 fry but its a start but congrats man

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