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Free thingy-magigs

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Got a 4x2x2 tank in 10mm glass

Little to no scratches

No lids, but do have 3 panels that can be cut into lids quite easily

Home-made open wooden stand which has held full tank for 1+year no probs

2 small internal filters

Also free fish as below:

1 x red oscar 18cm

1 x long fin tiger oscar 18cm

1 x female texas 15cm(bred with my male before but male made a dash for freedom)

About 40 red zebs at average size of 9cm

These must be picked up this coming Wed (03/08/11).

Please pm or text on 0431403848




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I know someone who has an 8x2x2 foot zebra tank and would love these. He just tried to call ya.... so ya prob have an excited message lol

anyway not a bad bloke Stu, even if he does focus on zebra rather than peacocks like a real man would.

edit........... woops too slow lol

ah well

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No worries Donny, I still have 2 of those fish house to complete for you mate and I'm far too lazy can't get my ass off the TV and computer, just done water changes for 3 tank and 1 big one 5x2x2 yet to change.

Did you see my post about the heater broken on my L202 tank? Bloody lucky mate. Cheers



I need a bigger tank for them now but short in $$$

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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