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lee and roses new l number and catfish collections in last month or so

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have decided to go with L numbers and here is my list in last month or so

14 L270 at 3-6

L397's ranging from 6-8cm 6 in total and 4 around 5-6cm 10 all up

L002's 6 at 6-8 cm and 5 at 5-6 cm 11 all up

L202's 6 at 7-8cm and 5 at 6cm 11 all up

L333's 15 at 3-6cm which will be chasing more bloodlines soon


L278's 4 at 5-6cm which will be chasing more bloodlines soon


L168's 1 big pair male 12cm female 8cm chasing more bloodlines soon


L134's 5 of 4-5cm chasing more bloodlines soon


L066'S 6 FRY chasing more bloodlines soon

peppermint colony 2 male 10-12cm 4 females 8-10cm

6 gold spots ranging from 20 - 35cm

3 or 4 other differnt varieties of pleco

7 featherfin catfish

5 sterbeii breeding with fry

11 panda cory's

20 odd bronze cory's

3 peppered cory's

13 Julii cory's which i think are julii have done some research on them

a large colony of peppermints

11 marble long fin

10 albino longfins

150 common bristlenose plus fry

1 albino male and fry bristlenose just recently lost a colony think my youngest boy didnt wash the pumpkin

2 orange spot bristlenose

plus whiptails etc

spent lots of money in last couple of weeks on L'S soon as i recover from the money i have spent will be chasing lots more so if you have any L numbers you are wanting to sell please let me know

cheers rosie and lee

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yeah as soon as they start breeding we will be harrassing you guys for more L numbers lol. start out cheaper and work up to expensive. they are all so gorgeous though. want all of them lol. definitely addictive. want to get some more L168's and some more L134's and some more L333's too then i will be on to other ones once i have built them into colonies. so if any of you have any please let me know and i will try to arrange something lol. bloody addiction.

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yes lealea im addictied i want them all cant stop i keep looking at pleco planet what a variety on there i have been into fish since i was a young lad and i have had a lot of different species of fish from africans to americans but out of all my favourite fish it doesnt matter what fish are in my tanks whenever my male bristley came out thats where my eyes were always situated and now i have a bad obsession for catfish

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