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Guest Kamfa

nano planted tank journal

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Guest Kamfa

hey guys,

i recently took an aspiration of mine to create a nano planted tank.

i have acquired my tank and supplies today. they go as folows


30 x 30 x 30 (cm)


for a filter i was stuck. i wanted efficient filtration but couldn't go for a canister as i did not want the biggest flow rate, and i could not go for a internal because, plainly its to ugly. so i turned to the HOB (hand on the back) Filter range. i purchased a AquaOne Clear View 100 for this. it is only a small filter but is rated as a 180L/hr


The only light that i saw fit for the job at hand was going to be a 1ft Dalbarb unit. although it may not be the best light unit it will do for now, as i am only demonstrating a low tech planted tank. the light unit is fitted with a AquaOne tropical bulb (that has a purple-ish hue.)


My chosen substrate for this chosen planted tank would have to be a 1mm river sand i picked up from work today. It was a bit of a bugger to clean but in the end i got there (after 30 mins of running water into a bucket) my comments on the sand its really worth the money and effort! it defiantly pays off, i would recommend river sand to everyone!


decoration for me is a working progress, at the moment i just grabbed some of the break off pieces of driftwood from my main american display. so at the moment i only have about 4 small pieces of drift wood.



All of my supplies are purchased at the pet barn in nerang

thanks for viewing guys, i would love to hear some input from you

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