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My Hexagonal. :D

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Hey guys, I told you I would keep you posted so here are some pictures of my hexagonal set-up, I recently got 2x Dwarf Gouramis, 2x Angelfish, 2x Halfbeaks, 4x Kuhli loaches & 8x pep babies & a few cherry shrimp & to clean up the mess, an Eheim 2213. Sorry about the quality of the photos, my next expense will be a decent camera.

Night 1, stage 1.


Stage 2, Aquascaping.


Full shot.


Stage 3, Fish. Dwarfs, absolutely gorgeousunder the light.


More to come.

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Some more photos for yous.

My peps.




Kuhli Loach.


Once I get a better camera i'll be sure to upload some more & keep you updated with my adventures to come :) Thanks for viewing.

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Guest TheHungarian

good work i have the same hex tank the filtration and lighting in them are a piece of crap got a ehiem 2215 on mine great tanks

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