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My new planted tank

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Picked up this tank a couple of weeks ago and have finally got around to setting it up.It is 3x15x24 and is going to replace my 3x15x18 planter.I wanted the xtra depth so i can get some Aponogetons as i really like these plants.So far i have put in some 3mm coffs harbour gravel.And mixed laterite through the bottom layer.I also added some clay based rocks and formed kind of a retaining wall in the back right hand corner.I find these rocks tend to buffer the water and keep the ph around the 6-6.5 mark which my rams and the plants seem to like.i also use rain water from my tank.I have attached some pics of the tank and will add pics of the progress.I am pretty new at the whole aquascaping thing so any input would be appreciated.The plants i have atm are red tiger lotus assortment of crypts some crested java fern ,red devil swords,and i can,t remember the rest.What i want to add is some Red Barclaya,ottelia ulvifolia and a few different aponogetons.If anybody knows where to source these plants please tell me as i know they are hard to get.fish019.jpgfish018.jpgthis is the original tankfish020.jpg

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