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Pictures of setup so far...

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Just an update on stuff

Saturday morning Gary (wickky) came over and picked up his 4ft

Headed over to Aquariums To Go and Phil loaded up the tanks all by himself!

Got a 4x3x20 tank and a 4x3x20 sump

Came home and Hamza and Tony (bones80) were here and we spent the day setting it up and plumbing it all

Only the 4x3x20 sump was setup and plumbed to the two 3x18x20 and 6x18x18 tanks

Then after that I went over to Garys place to pick up the off spec matrix he went to buy from RPC for me :D

Today I plumbed the 2fts to the 3ft sump and it's all running now

Had a bit of a problem, the outlet of the bottom 2ft tank kinked and restricted the drainage and had the tank overflow lol but not a problem in the garage! That's just a bit of old carpet anyway




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My plan is to get one tank at a time, stock it up, then buy another tank

Rather than buying them all at once and having a heap of empty tanks to look at lol

And some fish for the fun of it

nigripinnis albino


ectodus descampsii




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Thanks Ash (Asshh) and Tony (bones80) for the help yesturday!!

and ken for the 10,000l/hr pump and the ideas for the plumbing!

All plumbed up and running, time to buy fish until all my tanks are full again

yes cody, they would be fine





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Yup that's the big boy Pleurospilus, bit of a pimp with his 4 wives lol

One is holding at the moment again :)

He's the first to move into one of the new tanks once the sand storm settles lol

7 more species coming over the next 2-8 weeks :D

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