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YOU design my american cichlid tank

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ok so in a few weeks i get my 6x2x2

only fish going in it so far is my 13cm firemouth hes my display fish :D

i want you to design me a list of fish that will get along with him (a few little fights is ok but i dont want anything dieing from a massive gladiator battle)

put a list of fish you'd put with a 13cm firemouth in a 6x2x2 if you owned it americans only no casualties :D

cheers :D

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3xrainbow cichlids

3xO spot bristlenose

5xLampeye tetras

1 more firemouth

pictus or raphael catfish

This is a peaceful set up, plus you can stick in some low tech plants- some kind of val, or a sword or two.

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1 male acara

1 male multispinosa aka rainbow cichlid

2 male angels

8 male and 2 female congo tetras

4 hoplos

And then a few rugged easy to grow plants like val, swords and anubias and several pieces of driftwood

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This is what i got in my relatively peaceful display yank tank

1x Salvini

1x Firemouth

1x Chocolate

1x Gold Severum

1x Green Severum

2x Geo Bracybrancus

1x Convict

1x Green Terror

2x clown loaches

1x Sailfin pleco

Salvini is a new addition, ( bit of a gamble ). All fish are males to stop fighting at breeding time

All works well.

On my wish list is Uaru and Borcourtti


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sell the firemouth and get some elloti! I hate americans with a passion but damn I almost bought some from Shon982. They are stunning fish! I had to slap myself in the face a few times when i found out they dont come from a particular African Lake.


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2 gold saum 1 silver saum 4 convicts(2 albino 2 regular) 2 devils 1jag 2 festae and a goldspot for a cleanup crew << im actually thinking about that for my 6x2x2 but ill breed RCS in the tank till i get more cash flow and it just stocks up with more and more RCS then fish go in and BAM! in a week they go from 4cm to 20! but seriously if it worked like that id be a happy chappy

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