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What to dose plants with to get rid of snails?

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I am in the process of transfering plants from my old planter to my new planted tank.Just wanted to know a way of dipping plants in a solution to get rid of snails[there are 100s in the old setup].The new tank has new gravel so no chance of snails in it.I have done a search for methods on here and so far can see condys dip[not sure on this method]and of course loaches[have cherry shrimp so no go here]

Anybody have any other methods?

Cheers leigh

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ideally you need to sterilize your plants before introducing them to yor tank.

to sterilize your plants you can do (in a bucket, not your tank)

A. An Alum Dip (Alum avail from chemist)

B. A Bleach Dip. (1 capful of homebrand bleach per 8L bucket, soak for 10 mins, then wash out and neutralise with a dechlorinator like Prime, until all bleach smell is gone)

*note this may kill more sensitive plants, like ambulia, val, hygro,etc)

C. A 3% H2O2 Dip.

to get rid of snails in your tank you can.

1. use animals like loaches to ea the snails

2. use store bought copper based meds to kill the snails (will also kill shrimp) and then use copper removing a resin like CupriSorb to remove any excess copper inconjunction with Prime to lock away heavy metals & copper.

3. remove all livestock (and your filter!) and do a H2O2 dip

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H202 is hydrogen peroxide.

it works great for killing snails & sterilizing equipment in a bucket.

but inside the tank, it works with mixed results.

it has a high probability of killing all fish & shrimp before it kills the snails.

the problem is H202 reacts with pretty much everything, particularly commercial brand soils & fertilizers (especially iron) therefore results vary dramatically. certain plants like Val do not like it either

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