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Chris G

FS - 4ft curved glass tank

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The tank is an ex marine tank so it will need a good clean, glass is a dirty but can be cleaned. And on further inspection today it has scratches even though it has been 'professionally' maintained apparently which i find hard to believe.

It is 4'x16"x20" (L x W x H), the bracing is broken which is why there is no asking price. Just best offers but not pressed for time but if i get a good/decent offer i will take it.

Selling for a friend.

Tank has some extras as well like some random tubing, aquaone air bubler strip thingo, i think there are a couple wave makers. Again not really sure. sorry i cant be more specific as i do not have anything other than the pictures i got.

pick up only.

will upload picutres when i can upload them


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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