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mostiure inside the Jager Heaters (near the orange light)

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I have two 300w Jager heaters I purchase just over a year ago from two different fish shop, I realise that both of my heaters have condensestation(dont think thats how you spell it).

I went to one of the shop I purchase it from and they where more then happy to help me with the warrenty claim if i was to go ahead with it as they believe the heater is faulty.

I gave my other LFS a call about the other Jager and their response (after talking to their rep) was it was ok to have a little bit of mositure in the heater and that I have nothing to worry about if the heater is working as design.

I have google the problem and the results Ive found are mixed.

Have you look at your heater lately? and is it normal?

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