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hi guys i am new to this forum and the fish world

i have been doing a lot of research before i have gone out and got my fish and beleive i know the basis. i currently only have a small tank with a small red oscar, 2 convicts and a gold spot pleco nonoe bigger then an inch.

my question is i have had them in the tank for 3 days and my water has gotten really murky and can not find anything to explain why.

is it because it is a newly setup tank and have to give it time for bacteria to grow. or is it something to do with water parameters, i done a test on the parameters yesterday and as far as i can tell everything is all good. this is just starting to worry me and any help would be greatly appreciated

my parameters were





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the cloudy water is bacteria soaking up ammonia in the water. There is ammonia in the water because there is not enough bacteria living in your filter to eat it as it is being produced.

I reccomend doing a 25% water change each day for 2 weeks.

This is the penance for not being patient and fishless cycling.

sounds drastic but this will prevent damage to your fish that will be with them for a lifetime.

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Remove water with a hose to a bucket.

if filter needs a clean (and yours wont for a while) then this is the water you clean it in

try VERY hard not to take out more than 50%

then add water dechlorintor to tank

then top up with water

even better if you can add dechlorinator to a bucket

then add tap water to bucket

then add that water to tank

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