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Well a little back ground story on him.

This was pretty much my first fish that i took full care of by myself.

Was sent down by a collector up north. Cost me a big $30 at the end of 2008.

He was about 4cm when i got him. Got some feeder barbs for him, he didnt eat for a week. I woke up one morning to find 3 out of the 7 barbs left. I knew he was going to be a costly fish to feed. I kept him in a 3x15x18 i think. He grew out of that. I moved and couldnt take him with me. So he ended up at dads house (wickky).

He will easily eat 30+ feeder fish overnight.

He is currently in a 4x2x2.5 i think. He loves to swim in the current of the cannister filter.

Hoping when i move, i can set up a tank for him and get him back lol.

He has one log, which is his get away when he gets scared from new people going past the tank of he is full of fish and can't really swim.

My little pride and joy, as my first fish and really want to enter him into a show some time soon.

He has a name aswell cause he is a pet, its sedrick.

Now a few pics





So yeah thats my story, thanks for reading.

Also thanks to shon for taking the pics!!!

Cheers zac

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my mate gave me one little while ago... gold speckles over whole body looks great... solid as all shit and yes damn right will eat anything can fit in its mouth haha..

Most native are not picky eater because in the wild if they are picky they might stave to dead.

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