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some drool worthy aquascapes

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IAPLC 2013 Results

Thank you for joining the 13th International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest.

We have received total of 2164 applications from 57 countries and areas for this year's contest. After closing the application on May 31, 2013, all the applications went through impartial grading process, and the contest result is now finalized. Based on the grading, we have ranked each entry.

Applicants' pictures will be compiled as a booklet "The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2013". This booklet will be on sale for the planted aquarium hobbyist around the world.

Finally, we will organize the 14th International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest next year. We hope you'll join the next year's contest, again.

check out 98!

Josh representing

we made top 100 :D


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