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Aquasonic fry starter food ? Anyone used this product ?

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Aquasonic Fry Starter Food 1L

Australian Made!

Aquasonic, A Trusted Name In Australian Aquacultur

FRY STARTER is excellent as a first food for newly hatched fry. Fry Starter stays in suspension longer than it's competitors, allowing more time for newly hatched fry to find food. Fry Starter contains a variety of sizes of micro pulverized food particles suitable for both egglayers and livebearers. Fry Starter has more ingredients, offering a larger selection of food types to satisy fussy eaters. Feed newly hatched fry at least 3 times daily. 3 or 4 drops may be sufficent dependent on aquarium size and fry numbers.

Well that's what the product description is does any one use this stuff if so how does it rate ??



Ps. Found this on eBay seller name is macs aquariums

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Age of aquariums have it also,and cheaper.

With most aquasonic products they are fairly simple,and not hard to make your self.most fry starters are egg based so go to your local bakery and get some powered egg and you have fry starter in its basic part,add spirulina powder ,any fish food you have put it in a coffee grinder put it on for 5 minutes and you have fry starter.i have a detailed recipe and how to get food under 20 microns doing this.

Total cost $10-20 including coffee grinder

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