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Pigeon Blood of some type. Pigeon Blood can be very volitile gene and the fry will not allways look like the parents they were bred from, the stupid names that get given to many of the different 'looks' of the discus are just marketing gimmicks based on what the fish looks like to attract more $. The same way that a snakeskin discus produces 14 bar snakeskins, 9 bar snakeskins, Turks and Fineline(you wont find many of these because it is self destructive and weak and most dont survive past a month, if they do last they will never grow to any size).

This fish is fully grown already by the looks. There is no turk in there that anyone could tell as the pigeon blood gene is a dominant gene which means it doesn't matter what type of discus you breed a pigeon blood with, the fry will all be pigeon blood based in the first generation.


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